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Why Do-It-Yourself Replacement Carbon Filters Can Endanger Lab and Personnel Safety
Activated carbon filters used in your ductless enclosures are formulated to protect against specific chemical hazards and remain effective within the threshold limit value (TLV) of your application. Ductless fume hood manufacturers define the replacement activated carbon filter specifications that are necessary to ensure safe operation of the ductless enclosure.
Faulty or Low-Quality Replacement Filters
Aftermarket, homemade, or other filters purchased from unauthorized sellers pose significant risks for employees. While these filters can seem like a cost savings, they are often homemade using materials that will not protect against VOCs and other hazards generated on the work surface.
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What's Inside:
  • Dangers of Unauthorized Replacement Filters
  • How Carbon Filters Work
  • Assuring Replacement Filter Quality
  • Performance Standards