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Animal Research

Animal Research Laboratory Products

Air Science animal research laboratory products are engineered to provide reliability and superior protection for people, products and the environment at an affordable price. Our series of animal research laboratory products sets the standard for safety and efficiency. They result from years of research and development of high-efficiency ductless fume hoods that deliver energy savings, safety and convenience.
The product series includes the Purair® CAGEX™ Ductless Fume Hood for animal cage changing, the Purair BIO BSC Animal Workstation for maximum operator, environment and product protection, and the DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Workstation.

Purair CAGEX Cage Changing Fume Hood

The Purair CAGEX features high level performance at an affordable price. It is designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors and particulates generated on the work surface, including animal dander or bedding material. Carbon filters contain odor, while HEPA filtration protects from harmful particulates created during cage-changing operations.

Animal Anesthesia and Procedure Downflow Workstation

The DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Workstation is a high-efficiency ductless fume hood. It is designed to protect the user and environment from noxious fumes and odors as well as harmful gases commonly used to anesthetize research animals.
This workstation incorporates exclusive Air Science Multiplex™ Filtration Technology, customizable to meet a wide range of multiple-use applications, including HEPA filtration to provide superior personnel protection against particulates. Downward airflow pulls vapors and particulates away from the operator and into the filtration chamber using a combination of carbon and HEPA filtration.

Purair BIO Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Animal Workstation

The Purair BIO BSC Animal Workstation protects individuals, the environment, and products from various biological particulates and serves as the primary barrier in animal science research and experimentation. These Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets minimize and contain biosafety agents at levels 1, 2 and 3 while maintaining negative pressure inside the cabinet during operations to prevent contaminants from escaping the work area. In addition, an innovative surrounded air intake grille, coupled with a double-wall design, keeps all contaminated air contained and isolated within the cabinet.
Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, the Purair BIO BSC Animal Workstation utilizes HEPA filtration of the downflow and exhaust airflow paths to provide primary containment for the work area. This delivers protection for the user, the environment and the work while mitigating cross-contamination on the work surface, making it an ideal choice for the animal research laboratory where superior protection is critical.