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UV-Box Decontamination Chambers

  • Eight 254 nm UV lamps surrounding the grated loading tray create light emission conditions known to destroy exposed viruses and bacteria on items placed within the chamber.
  • Microprocessor control with color viewscreen provides programming capabilities, status and safety functions. 
  • A tray interlock interrupts operation in the event of an accidental opening. 
  • Both HEPA and activated carbon filters capture pathogens and vapors emitted as a byproduct of decontamination, protecting the user and the environment. 


UV-Box Decontamination Chamber is a high-efficiency tunnel enclosure, engineered for easy loading and high throughput, designed to create light emission conditions known to safely decontaminate masks and other small items. High intensity UV Surround Technology destroys exposed surface viruses and bacteria while providing for a safe work environment for the operator.

Model Specifications

Internal Height: 11.25″  |  286 mm
External Width: 56.60″  |  1438 mm
External Depth: 16.25″  |  413 mm
External Height: 19″  |  483 mm
Shipping Width: 40″  |  1016 mm
Shipping Depth: 40″  |  1016 mm
Net Weight: 35 lbs  |  16 kg
Shipping Weight: 95 lbs  |  43 kg

Cabinet Style: Desktop
Construction: Stainless Steel

Environmental: ISO 14001 : 2015; ENERGY STAR® PARTNER
Quality: ISO 9001 : 2015

Base Stand, Mobile, with Casters: CART-70
UV lamp: UV-SURD
* Factory installed; specify when ordering

Electrical Voltage: 230V, 50Hz

Technical Info