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UK Warranty

Air Science Warranty Protection Terms and Conditions

International Distributor Limited Warranty

  • Air Science warrants that the Distributor shall acquire products purchased hereunder free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.
  • Air Science further warrants all products to be free from defects in materials under normal use and service for a period of TWO YEARS.
  • The Air Science warranty will start ONE MONTH after the ship date from the Air Science factory.
  • Air Science shall provide to Distributor, without charge, replaceable replacement parts to substitute for products parts which must be replaced by reason of valid warranty claims.
  • This warranty obligation is limited solely to the replacement of replaceable defective parts.
  • All service charges with respect to the repair or replacement of defective parts or products shall be the responsibility of the Distributor and/or Distributor’s customer.
  • Distributor, on behalf of Air Science shall perform such ordinary and customary servicing, repair and/or parts replacement within the Territory at Distributor’s expense; which may be passed on to Distributor’s customer, at Distributor’s discretion.
  • This Warranty is valid on all Air Science products with regard to mechanical parts AS LONG AS genuine Air Science parts and filters were used in compliance with Air Science specifications.
This Warranty constitutes the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Air Science’s sole and exclusive responsibility with respect to any alleged breach of this limited warranty.


Your Air Science product warranty is non-transferable to any parties other than the original purchaser.

Cancellation for Non-Payment

Air Science reserves the right to cancel any and all warranties for products for which payment from the customer or distributor has not been received.

Warranty Exclusions

The Air Science Legacy Lifetime Warranty excludes damage that results from accident, misuse, abuse, contamination, modification, normal wear and tear or other external causes. Air Science is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of failure to follow instructions included with the original product.
All Air Science Warranties also exclude the following: 
  • Installation
  • Products with missing or defaced serial numbers
  • Clear panels, windows, body parts, and work surface scratches, cracks, rust, paint chips, or crazing due to chemical exposure, cleaning chemicals and/or normal use.
  • Hinge tension loss due to normal use and/or chemical exposure.
  • Consumables such as filters, pre-filters, HEPA or ULPA filters, fluorescent or UV bulbs, ballasts.
  • Certifications and re-certifications
  • Service fees performed by unauthorized personnel or agents not approved by Air Science, or electrical work performed by a non-qualified electrician.
  • Non-compliant applications which are not permitted in accordance with product instructions
  • Failure to follow product instructions
  • Unauthorized customer modifications to the product.
  • Failure to perform preventive or predictive maintenance including but not limited to regular filter replacement.
  • Problems associated with accessories, parts or components not supplied by or approved by Air Science.
  • Damage by fire, floods, terrorism or acts of God.

What You Must Do

  1. Register your Air Science product in our database using our Warranty Card or online Warranty Form.
  2. You may also register your Air Science product via phone. Contact our Service Department directly.
  3. If a service issue arises, contact Air Science Service Department and provide us with the Serial Number and nature of the problem.

What Air Science Will Do

When you return your Warranty Card or register your product through our online Warranty Registration, Air Science will maintain your product record in our database and warrant your product for its useful life. Exclusions apply.
  • If a service issue arises, contact the Air Science Service Department to initiate a resolution.
  • We must authorize and approve in advance a third-party service company to diagnose and service your product.
  • We will not be responsible for any charges incurred for service calls made by a third party prior to our written authorization.
  • Air Science retains the right to replace any product in lieu of servicing it in the field.
  • Our liability in all events is limited to the purchase value only.
  • Under no circumstances will Air Science be responsible or held liable for consequential or incidental damages associated with downtime, loss of processed product or other work product associated with an equipment failure.
  • The warranty period starts at the original date of shipment from the Air Science factory.
  • Air Science reserves the right to reject any warranty claim for a product that is not registered in our database through our Warranty Card registration or online registration form.

Warranty Provisions

All expressed and implied warranties for the product, including but not limited to any implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in time to the term of this warranty. No other warranties, whether expressed or implied, will apply.
For special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including without limitation any liability for third-party claims against you for damages associated with product use, for products not being available for use, for lost work or for damage to products or processes being performed in association with the Air Science product, the Air Science liability will be limited to not more than the amount you paid for the product that is the subject of such a claim. This is the maximum amount for which Air Science will be responsible. Florida law governs this warranty.
We make these products available to our customers with complete warranty provisions.
Contact Air Science for additional information on site preparation, shipping and product application.