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Total Exhaust Fume Cupboards

TotalExhaust polypropylene ductless fume cupboard

TotalExhaust™ fume cupboards are designed to provide superior personnel protection from exposure to hazardous agents and toxic chemicals in a variety of applications. TotalExhaust fume cupboards use horizontal and vertical airflow across the work surface to ensure optimal containment. 

Corrosion-resistant, single-wall units are available in a number of standard and custom sizes with optional polypropylene exhaust blowers to augment external ventilation systems. Contact Air Science for more information.

TotalExhaust Features & Benefits

  • White, black or blue all-polypropylene work surface.
  • Units available with up to four exhaust connection points.
  • TotalExhaust polypropylene ductless fume cupboards brochureVapor-proof, ballasted fluorescent lighting with switch and power cord. 
  • Integrated rear baffle system optimizes airflow and improves containment.
  • Acrylic, bi-fold front sash to ensure operator safety and comfort.
  • Two cable pass through ports provide convenient workspace configuration options.
  • Air Velometer provides continuous airflow monitoring.

Product Features:

A. Work Surface: Seamless polypropylene work surface. Stainless steel and epoxy options also available.
B. Exhaust Connection Collar: Standard 6-inch exhaust collar (up to 4 connections depending on model).

Callouts on Total Exhaust PTEFH-24, laboratory fume cupboardsC. Power Switch: On/Off power switch for internal lighting.

D. Double Hinged Self Locking Front Sash: Easy to open bi-fold acrylic front sash. Additional construction materials available as options.

E. Internal Baffle System: Integrated internal baffle system ensures smooth airflow and optimized containment.

F. Air Velometer: Analog air velocity meter allows continuous visual inspection of airflow for operator safety.

G. Pass Through Ports: Side-wall mounted pass through ports for safe routing of instrument cords, cables and leads.

H. Lighting: Ballasted, vapor-proof fluorescent lighting saves energy and provides optimal internal lighting conditions.

Featured TotalExhaust Models

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