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Models are electrically specific as indicated by the last letter. Model number suffix "-A" is 60Hz. Model number suffix "G" is 50Hz. Example: Model P10-A is a 60Hz unit.
Vented Enclosures for Compounding and Powder Weighing
Ideal for containment of powders and fumes during compounding or weighing, Vented Enclosures offer important safety features that are not found with any other competitive products.
Fume Extractor for Vented Enclosure
Airflow 265 cfm, 115VAC, 60Hz
Airflow 265 cfm, 115VAC, 60Hz
Airflow 265 cfm, 115VAC, 60Hz
Airflow 265 cfm, 230VAC, 50Hz
Vented Enclosure for Compounding and Powder Weighing, Standard Height
VE24S-A -
Standard height, 24"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE24S-G -
Standard height, 24"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE34S-A -
Standard height, 34"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE34S-G -
Standard height, 34"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE48S-A -
Standard height, 48"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE48S-G -
Standard height, 48"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE60S-A -
Standard height, 60"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE60S-G -
Standard height, 60"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
Vented Enclosure for Compounding and Powder Weighing, Tall
VE24T-A -
Tall, 24"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE24T-G -
Tall, 24"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE34T-A -
Tall, 34"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE34T-G -
Tall, 34"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE48T-A -
Tall, 48"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE48T-G -
Tall, 48"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
VE60T-A -
Tall, 60"W, 115VAC, 60Hz
VE60T-G -
Tall, 60"W, 230VAC, 50Hz


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