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Improved Safety While Using a Rotary Evaporator

During the rotary evaporation process, protecting the operator and environment is essential. A rotary evaporator, or rotovap, uses reduced pressure and an elevated temperature to reduce the volume of volatile solvents. While they're designed to collect the evaporated solvents, there is still a risk that the containment is not 100%. When these vapors are present in a high enough concentration, it can lead to respiratory illness in operators or increased risk of explosion or implosion, depending on the application and chemicals used.

How To Reduce Rotary Evaporator Risks?

Safety is critical to a successful laboratory outcome. Using the correct equipment helps achieve that success. Air Science®, Rotovap Custom Enclosures and Purair® Basic and Advanced Ductless Fume Hoods are engineered to provide protection and containment during rotary evaporation applications in the laboratory. These units provide containment for the rotovap process while permitting operator access and visibility of the enclosed operation. Using a Rotovap Custom Enclosure or ductless fume hood with your rotary evaporator can increase operator safety by guarding against volatile vapors and even injury from exploding or imploding glassware.
These Air Science products incorporate exclusive Multiplex™ Filtration Technology, customizable to meet a wide range of multiple-use applications. Product installation and maintenance are straightforward, and units are easily transported to accommodate changing operations with minimum downtime.
The new ductless Rotovap Custom Enclosure offers increased internal height, featuring a spacious interior, customizable for a larger rotovap apparatus with a taller condenser column. A horizontal sliding or hinged door(s) provides greater access to the interior, while built-in air slots allow bypass when closed, maximizing operator safety and process accessibility.
Learn more about our Rotovap Enclosures and Basic and Advanced ductless fume hoods, or contact us for information on addressing your specific needs.

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