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Briefs: Continuous Education on Air Science Products and Services

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Here, we share insights and experience to help you become more aware of products and services, industry trends, technologies, challenges and applications of ductless fume hoods and related equipment.
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The Air Science Purair FLEX expands where, when and how glove bags can be used, including spaceflight applications.

The necessity of equipment and products on the work surface inevitably disrupts laminar airflow can lead to contamination. Air Science® laminar flow hoods use an advanced filtration system to ensure laminar flow hoods are contamination-free.

When choosing between Reverse Vertical Laminar Flow (RVLF) and Reverse Horizontal Laminar Flow (RHLF), the difference primarily comes down to personal preference for your specific application.

Whether you choose ductless or ducted air filtration, HEPA and ULPA air filters are key in maintaining particulate protection.

Ductless fume hoods use activated carbon filtration to scrub chemicals from the air for a far more environmentally friendly option when compared to ducted varieties.



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