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Briefs: Continuous Education on Air Science Products and Services

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Here, we share insights and experience to help you become more aware of products and services, industry trends, technologies, challenges and applications of ductless fume hoods and related equipment.
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Fentanyl is quickly becoming a national safety issue that spans all industries, commercial and residential facilities, and individuals alike. The simple act of opening a package can turn a routine event into a dangerous situation. Learn more about how we are helping improve safety in the supply chain.

The performance of carbon and HEPA/ULPA filters can never be left to chance. Learn more about the concept of filter integrity and how Air Science is using carbon science and HEPA/ULPA materials selection to assure safety in the work place.

Amazing advances in DNA exploration continue to open new pathways for research and processing in medical, clinical, forensic and research facilities. Extracting information for even the smallest specimens requires equipment that eliminates cross contamination and protects the integrity of samples. Learn how Air Science PCR cabinets help minimize problems on the PCR bench.

Fume hoods have been used in laboratories for generations. Fume hoods have evolved with changing technology and industry standards and regulations.

Is a dual blower system better than a single blower system in a Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinet? The difference comes down to performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership.



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