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Ductless Filtration Enclosures in Unique Applications

Ductless fume hood enclosures are a staple piece of equipment within laboratories and have been for years. Yet fume hoods and other ductless equipment are also used in numerous unique applications to improve the safety of operators, products, and/or the environment.

3D Printing Applications

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology 3D printing is widely used in automotive, medical, aviation, and forensics industries as well as in small businesses and private residences. While there are many benefits, 3D printing emissions from heated filaments, polymers, or powders can put operators at risk.

Purair® Basic Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless fume hoods capture vapors emitted during the 3D printing process to protect workers and the environment from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Fume Box Ductless Enclosures

For makers, at-home 3D printing applications, and even large AM facilities, fume box enclosures can provide the necessary user protection from chemicals and vapors. Ductless designs provide extreme flexibility and portability.

Botanical and Cannabis Production

As more states expand laws to include recreational as well as medicinal cannabis use and production, the need to protect operators, the environment, and the product during botanical manufacturing processes grows.

Purair BIO

Biological safety cabinets (BSCs) offer the most protection from botanical particulates, including mold and other spores that may be present on plants. They protect personnel and the environment from particulates emitted during processing and can also protect plants on the worksurface from external contamination.

Purair Advanced & Purair Basic

Ductless fume hoods are designed to protect the operator and the environment from strong or potentially hazardous vapors emitted on the work surface.

Purair SKY

Ceiling-mounted air monitoring and filtration units provide whole-room filtration that improves the surrounding air quality.

Purair FLEX

This innovative glove bag provides cost-effective, portable containment with 360° visibility.

Craft Brewery Applications

As home and commercial brewers alike know, sterility in the brewing process is essential. Beer brewing ingredients like yeast cultures are susceptible to contamination from dust particles, microorganisms, and other particulates which can impact flavor and batch consistency.

Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar flow hoods are essential when the goal is protecting work or products from particulate contamination and often used to protect yeast cultures.


Classroom laboratories at both the high school and college level require equipment that can provide hands-on learning opportunities that ensure continued safety. More advanced university labs are equipped with the same types of technology students will use following graduation in their program, including ductless fume hoods, BSCs, PCR laminar flow hoods, and more.

EDU Ductless Classroom Demonstration Fume Hoods

Ductless Demonstration Fume Hoods are designed to provide 360° visibility during lessons while protecting users and the classroom environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface.

Forensic Science Applications

Cases can be made or broken based on the reliability and repeatability of forensic science. Law enforcement offices, criminal investigation facilities, and forensic crime labs also require equipment that protects operators and the surrounding environment from harmful or potentially harmful substances.

PCR Laminar Flow Hoods

PCR laminar flow hoods or workstations are reliable, economical solutions that help prevent cross-contamination that can adversely affect DNA evidence collected from a crime scene.

Purair SafeSEARCH

Ductless fume cupboards equipped with HEPA or HEPA/ULPA filters like the Air Science SafeSEARCH are designed to provide protection from drugs, chemical vapors, and particulates during the packaging examination process.


Drug storage cabinets are designed for the short-term storage of hazardous chemicals and other substances typically associated with drug investigations. While they are primarily used to minimize health and environmental risks from chemical vapors and residues, VOCs and other hazardous materials associated with methamphetamine production, they can also be used for botanical storage. Botanicals collected as part of evidence can become dangerous when not stored properly. Molds, like Aspergillus, as well as spores, yeasts, and fungi commonly found on botanicals can continue growing in evidence rooms and significantly impact indoor air quality.


Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers like the Air Science Safefume are used to safely develop latent fingerprints using ethyl cyanoacrylate vapor (CNA) in a controlled environment.

Air Science is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ductless fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, forensic laboratory cabinets, filtered and vented storage cabinets, balance enclosures, PCR workstations, total exhaust fume hoods and custom engineered containment and filtration cabinets. The company serves pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, industrial, forensics and educational markets worldwide.

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